GIC Collect for IOS Compatible with ODK

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GIC Collect for Iphone compatible with ODK

0.	How to select the language for GIC Collect
0.	Connecting to a server

How to select the language for GIC Collect

GIC Collect supports the interfase only in english and spanish at the moment. The selection is made through the language selected in the iphone. To change the language in the GIC Collect app you have to change the language of your iphone device. To do that do the following:

Go to settings on the main screen.

Select General

Select Language & Region

Select Iphone Language

Select English or Spanish.

Connecting to a server with GIC Collect

Select the gear icon next to the title Main Menu.

The GIC Collect for iphone app can connect to a server like ODK Aggregate, for instance, a private server in your organization, or a public server like, kobotoolbox or some other which provide the odk aggregate service and behave just like that plus some extra services. The other kind of server the GIC Collect can connect to is google drive.

Connecting to an ODK Aggregate type of server.

Select the kind of server by tapping the cloud icon. To choose an ODK Aggregate type of server select the option “Server (ODK Aggregate, KoboToolbox, Enketo, or In this menu we can also select directly any of the public server.

When the server has user and password security we need to provide that info in the following fields. We must have these two data.

When it’s a public server we need to open an account with them or get the correct address from the administrator of the form. And not always needed but if we have we also must provide a user and password.

The password field does not show the password as you type it. If you wish to see it please tap on the eye icon. To hide it again tap again this icon.

After you enter the server data select the accept button. The application will try to connect to the server, if the app was succesful it will hide the screen and allow you to get the forms. If not successful it will ask you to check the url adress, the username and the password.

The most common error are to have the address wrong, or the user or password. The other most common error is to have a connection error, please also check your connectivity.

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