GIC Collect for IOS Compatible with ODK

GIC Collect for IOS compatible with (Open Data Kit) ODK Collect


This is our port of the open data kit collect for IOS. Most of the functions are available. The forms developed for odk should work mostly without changes. We have been developing and testing this port for quite some time.

Please let us know of any bugs you find when you test your forms. Also please send us your test cases that failed. We will try to address all the major issues and the issues that affect more as soon as time allows. Please add an issue on this repository including your test files if possible. We will be happy to solve issues if you wish to discuss your specific needs. Also contact me to be notified of the latest version so you can test every new version we release at

GIC Collect

GIC Collect is an iPhone app used in survey-based data gathering. Works without network connectivity and manages a very large range of question and answer types.

GIC Collect shows the surveys as a sequence of questions that apply survey logic, question constraints and sub-structures that may repeat. Users work through the questions and can save their work at any point. When the user finalizes the survey it can be send to a server. The user can also download a new form to make a new survey.

GIC Collect supports multimedia answers and questions via gps, images, audio, video, barcodes, signature, multiple-choice, free-text and numeric types.


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Please contact me in any one of the methods below if you have questions or comments. If you’d like to review the app please drop me a line and I’ll shoot you a promo code. Other than that, please enjoy the app!



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Our professional services

We can help you with:

We are a company with experience making changes to existing surveys, developing new ones and making changes to the android version and will be able to also make changes to the ios version as well. Let us know if you need any custom work or functions on either of those two platforms. We will be happy to help you. Contact us at for anything related to customizations to the gic collect or odk collect versions.

Google API Services User Data Policy (GIC Collect)

GIC Collect use of information received from Google APIs will adhere to the Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

WHAT TYPE OF DATA DO WE CONTROL AND PROCESS? This data privacy policy distinguishes between data that in controlled by GIC Collect and data that is processed by GIC Collect. GIC Collect is:

GIC Collect will use to search and read XML-formatted surveys (e.g. forms) and multimedia files (audio, images and video), and save multimedia files captured during data collection to the device; It will also use to submit the results of the data collection in Google Sheets. We do not receive any of this information. The user may delete the information from the device at any moment.

HOW DO WE USE YOUR DATA? GIC Collect takes very seriously the privacy, confidentiality and security of personal information and any data collected or stored using GIC Collect.

HOW DO WE PROTECT YOUR DATA? GIC Collect is committed to protecting the data you entrust to us. We employ industry standard best practices (both technical and administrative) to protect against unauthorized access of your data. We cannot guarantee, however, its absolute security. To protect from loss of data, we recommend frequent system and incremental backups of your device which should stored encrypted in various locations. To further protect your data, we encourage you to never to share your login information and to change your passwords regularly.

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